a. I/We hereby acknowledge that the information in this form will be disclosed or released to the Corporation, Corporation’s bank and the Direct Debit Operator for the purpose of the Direct Debit collection.

b. I/We hereby acknowledge that a fee/charge will be charged to me/us in the event my/our account has insufficient balance to make Direct Debit payment instruction(s). I/We hereby agree the Bank to debit related fees/charges from my/our account as a consequence of having insufficient funds for Direct Debit payment(s).

c. I/We hereby confirm that I/we have checked the accuracy and correctness of the details furnished by me/us in this application form and I/we are aware of the content and the scope of the services provided therein.

d. I/We hereby declare that all information provided is to the best of my/our knowledge true and correct.

e. I/We hereby agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions specified in this form.

f. This Direct Debit authorization will remain in force until terminated by I/We with prior written notice sent to Bank/Corporation.

g. I/We hereby authorize the Bank to debit my/our account for the Direct Debit payment(s) including the relevant transaction fees/charges not payable by the Corporation.



WAQAF.MY is a brand from SM for the purpose of collecting waqaf funds as well as infaq for the construction of mosques, school development and welfare programs.

In addition to establishing mosques and schools, SM will also use funds from the WAQAF.MY brand to carry out da’wah activities under the charity program.

Among the welfare activities carried out are delivering emergency assistance to disaster-stricken areas while carrying da’wah activities such as trauma healing so that victims of disaster do not give up with God’s grace. Help is also given to non-Muslims so that the message of the dakwah can be conveyed to them.

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